❝what might have been lost?

Ben Howard is a little fucker, pass it on.

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I did it too yesterday. all you will do is end up in tears. again. probably.

to be honest the second season I was so invested I didn¡’t even cry, I was too much into it.

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let’s start in the flesh season 2 rewatch.

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Damien is very handsome in the Jools Holland performance… 

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Gender is a hierarchy.  Gender is oppression. 

funny how dudes that don’t even question suffrage don’t realize they are recycling the same boring ass arguments as anti-suffrage males from back in the day

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Favorite Mumford Moments 5/?

A fan makes Marcus blush at the Opera House in Telluride, Colorado in June 2011. [x]

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Why would you intentionally eat olives like what in the fuck? are you okay? is someone forcing you to do this? You need me to call the police let me know so we can help you

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Photograph by Alberto Tommaso Badalamenti.

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luckythelab replied to your post: luckythelab replied to your post: Hav…

Yeah it’s really good and yeah things normally sell

Thank you pera!

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Disney Animator Collection

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